ULPower’s New Six Cylinder Engines

ULPower is proud to announce that the range of engines on offer is extended with 4 new types 6-cylinder engines, ranging from 140 hp to 200 hp.

The installed weight of the UL520i and UL520iS is 108 kg [242 lb] and like the popular UL260 and UL350 line of engines the new engines are direct drive, horizontally opposed, air cooled, electronic ignition, multi-port fuel injection and FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The FADEC system controls the fuel/air ratio and ignition  from start-up to shutdown so the engine is always operating at optimal performance thereby increasing  power and economy while minimizing wear and tear and reducing pilot workload.

The result is startling! Convince yourself by reading specifications below.

All engines have following configuration:
-    7 bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing
-    Direct drive
-    Air cooled
-    FADEC
-    Multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic compensation for altitude and temperature
-    Redundant dual electronic ignition
-    High fuel efficiency
-    Excellent power to weight ratio

These new engine models can be ordered now.

We are proud to confirm the first orders for the UL520i and UL520iS are coming in.  “I am pleased to announce the receipt of our first order for the new engine.”  Said Robert Helms, General Manager of UL Power North America.  “Renegade Light Sport plans to offer the UL520i at 180HP as an option on the beautiful Comet biplane which was previously powered by either 100 or 118HP engines.”

“Several other manufacturers are considering the new engines.” Said Robert Helms.  “The thrust to weight ratio is appealing to the designers of many aircraft.  Whether you are focused on short take-off, high economy, or high speed, the UL520i & UL520iS offer incredible performance, reduced weight, advanced technology and are competitively priced with other engines of the same horsepower.  We are also working with individual aircraft owners to develop firewall-forward kits for models not otherwise supported by their respective manufacturers.”

* all prices ex-works; excl. 21% Belgian VAT, applicable to private EU end-users (individuals); our General Sales Terms & Conditions apply; prices subject to change without previous announcement.


So far 4 UL520 engines are sold, less than 1 week after the announcement. These engines will equip following aircrafts:

Click here to check our brand ne2-A5w leaflet!

Posted on: March 17th, 2012 by Nicolas 11 Comments

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  1. joerg wolter says:

    Congratulations to this beautiful engines!
    As we know the great sound of our 260i we can´t wait to hear the sound of the 6 Cylinders…
    So what about a sound file?

    By the way … these modern engines also could be bought in Germany with only 19% VAT!
    Contact us on: joerg@ulpower.de

  2. Ivan Midwing says:


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  4. flyboy2160 says:

    Hooray! Will you be providing a 3D CAD model of the 520iS?


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  6. Pinocchio says:

    Wow thats impressive! What about turbocharged engines? Just to let you know : we can’t see the images on these pages

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  8. Bora says:

    What is the TBO for 6 cylinders 520iS ?

  9. Jan Potgieter says:

    What is the availability of the UL 390i and 390is engines lately. Seems they are not available yet as the 520i models.
    My time for engine choice of my homebuild Sling aircraft is running out and think the 390 is the ultimate answer.



  10. Richard Becker says:

    Well done! I just love my 350i which is in my Grob 109.I would love to see one of these in a Carbon Cub!!

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