ULPower UL350iS: 130HP Aero Engine

UL350iS: Performance

Power / Torque curve

The power and torque curve of the engine has been established by repeated dyno tests on our second prototype, which were performed at sea level and in weather conditions close to the ISA standard. The following graph shows the real, available power and torque coming from the crankshaft of the UL350iS engine corrected to the International Standard Atmosphere conditions at sea level.

power/torque curve

Power vs Density Altitude

The following graph shows the calculated available power of the UL350iS engine at different RPM settings, WOT (wide open throttle) and varying density altitude.

power vs density

For more information on ISA, density altitude, interpretation of this graph, the conversion of the figures to actual atmospheric conditions, refer to the "Engine Resources" section on our website and more specifically: "ISA conditions & conversion".

Alternator performance

The following graph shows the electrical current the alternator can deliver at various RPM. The red area is the maximum current needed to run the ECU and a single ignition system. Adding the red, brown and green area gives the total current needed to operate the engine with a double ignition. The yellow area is the net current available from the alternator to operate other electrical aircraft systems and charge the battery.